Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nose to the grindstone....

Been a mixed bag of a week so far ~ on Monday the cat went to the vet with cystitis (poor old thing) and yesterday the car went into the garage for a new clutch (how much?!).

This weekend I'll be working 3 days at Greenwich Market instead of the usual two ~ I'm working at the craft market on Sunday as an additional day. I work every week there on Friday, but I've never done Sunday before, so I've been making sure I have interesting range of stock to attract the eye of passers-by in the crowded market. I've also been sorting out some orders that have been waiting in the wings ~ the "whenever you have time" repairs and redesign work.

I'm pleased to say I finally finished restringing an amethyst necklace and another one of multi-coloured beryls as well as lengthening 4 pairs of earrings and making another two, all for one customer! Then I set to making some new designs for the week I am definitely setting some time aside to play with silver again!

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