Sunday, 12 July 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining....

A couple of funny days ~ disaster followed by joy....

Friday evening, after a full day working at Greenwich Market, my car decided it didn't want to go home ~ right in the middle of the market the clutch went pop just as I was setting off home! What followed was worthy of a sketch from a sitcom ~ husband drove to collect me and waited with my car for the recovery vehicle; I drove home with son only to find we didn't have the house keys; husband argues with recovery driver; son climbs over wall to break into house. Oops-la!

One of the cats was unwell and had to go to the vet on Saturday, so with only one car available, I was unable to work at the market as normal....but the upside was that I could go to a family meal to celebrate the 18th birthday of my beautiful neice ~ I had a great evening, yay!!

Feeling a little tired today after a very late bedtime, but trying to sort out orders that I need to make for next weekend and take photos etc to update my website. I've been making more designs using my silversmithing skills and recently entered a mythology challenge in my group, End of the Rainbow ~ the piece was entitled "The Fall of Icarus" and I was really pleased to have won, especially as there was so many stunning entries and wonderful interpretations of myths.

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